Industry meets ergonomics

BERNSTEIN shows future-oriented workplaces at Hannover Messe 2018

Fixed motion sequences, uniform workplaces and rigid operating elements, that require unnatural working postures for employees, are rapidly becoming a relic of our bygone industrial past. This aspect will be further improved by BERNSTEIN at the Hanover Fair 2018. Ergonomics not only maintains the health of employees, but also supports optimum performance. It thus has a direct benefit on the profitability of a company, as productivity is increased, the error rate is minimized and absence due to illness is reduced.

The operator of a machine should be able to adapt the working environment to their own individual requirements. In addition to the perfect functionality of its solutions, BERNSTEIN AG pays particular attention to ergonomics in accordance with DIN ISO 33402-2 when developing new products. A topic that the company will continue to focus on at the Hannover Messe 2018: "Our suspension systems, such as the CS-4000 neXt (which we will be showing on our stand this year), makes it easier to operate and monitor machines. We design it flexibly and individually," explains Kerstin Zahn, project and industry manager at BERNSTEIN AG.

Visitors to the Hannover Messe can see it for themselves, for example; they can try out the keyboard shelf on the CS-4000 neXt column, together with the control devices in the control console, it can be adapted to the individual body height of the operator with the aid of a slider, which enables height adjustment. The function also supports the adjustment of the IPC to an optimal control panel height - without stiff neck or back pain. Thanks to the step-less inclination, nothing stands in the way of a clear view of the screen, even in the event of reflections or incidence of light. In addition, a wrist-rest on the keyboard system relieves the wrist when entering data. A mouse pull-out under the keyboard shelf can be used flexibly on both the left and right sides, making operation equally convenient for left or righthanded users.

"Operating terminals form the interface between man and machine. They should be ergonomically adapted in such a way that the respective user can operate them without fatigue or stress. At the same time, these conditions should be able to be implemented quickly and without great effort to the operator," says Kerstin Zahn.

The operator aligns the control station in the direction from which he needs a clear view of the system. This function can be very helpful when setting up the machine or system and helps provide a healthy posture for operation. A signal lamp also saves the operator time and unnecessary movement, as fault indication is clearly visible from distance, downtime will be reduced.

With further variable support systems, operating elements and flexible expansion options, BERNSTEIN offers the right solution for every industrial workplace. The turn/tilt coupling for the CS-3000 and CS-3000 neXt suspension system families, which can also be seen in Hanover, enables the connection of IPC’s. "Standing, turning, bending, tilting or hanging; BERNSTEIN offers the right (and above all) individual solution for every customer requirement".  This is how Kerstin Zahn sums the service up.



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