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BERNSTEIN Safety Technology: BERNSTEIN foot switch solutions

Foot switches

Foot switches are used wherever manual operation is not possible for ergonomic or safety reasons. BERNSTEIN offers a wide range of foot switch solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries. More than 50 years of experience have gone into the development and manufacture of our products. This makes us one of the leading manufacturers in this field.

Product overview

Made for practical use: Foot switches for every application

Foot switches are real all-rounders and are available in many different versions. The BERNSTEIN product range offers an extensive variety of switch variants.

Our switches are available in the standard version as well as with safety function with 1, 2 or 3 pedals and optionally with protective shroud. There are also many other variants to choose from, such as switches with a higher degree of protection, foot rest, pressure point or enabling function. You can find more details about our range in our catalog.

Foot switches are electrical switches that are operated by foot. This not only saves space, but is also practical to use. The operator has both hands free.

Thanks to the modular concept, we at BERNSTEIN can offer a diverse range of foot switches. This means we have the right product for almost every application. In addition to our standard range, you will also find a large selection of switches for safety applications. Robustness and extreme durability are just as much a matter of course as mechanical stability, functionality and absolute safety.

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BERNSTEIN foot switches are used wherever manual operation is not possible or not practical. Here they are used to trigger or control certain functions or processes. Classic application examples include

  • Switching machines and systems on or off
  • Infinitely variable control of speed or rotational speed
  • Raising or lowering presses or lifting platforms
  • Controlling robots in machinery to trigger the gripping of objects

Especially during set-up, repair or cleaning of a machine, it is advantageous to have both hands available and to control the process using the foot switch with enabling function.

Very often in these cases, the machine has to be moved through a step-by-step feed using a step-by-step control. For example, the operator has both hands free when changing rolls on a wire winding machine.

Here, the wire of the newly inserted reel must be threaded and in the course of this the machine moves at reduced speed and the release of the dangerous movement is given by pressing an enabling foot switch.

This allows the machine operator to bring the wire to the desired position with both hands after starting the movement using a separate start control.

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