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BERNSTEIN safety technology: Position switches in detail

Position Switches and Sensors

Our plastic limit switches and metal limit switches have been specially developed for safety monitoring and position detection under various conditions. The product portfolio of our BERNSTEIN position switches and sensors covers all areas, from confined spaces to potentially explosive or damp environments.

Classically, position switches and sensors are used to monitor doors, flaps or bonnets, to detect the position of moving machine parts or to check the end positions of components.

Position switches and sensors in use

Product overview position switches and sensors

Position switchesPlastic

Plastic position switches provide protective insulation and are resistant to many aggressive chemicals and liquids.

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Position switchesMetal

Metal-enclosed position switches are able to withstand high mechanical loads and they can also be used wherever hot metal chips and sparks occur, as well as being resistant to many solvents and detergents.

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In general, inductive proximity switches consist of four basic elements: a coil, an oscillator, a threshold switch and an output stage with short-circuit protection.

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Capacitive proximity switches detect conductive and non-conductive materials that can be in a solid or liquid state. 

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BERNSTEIN offers electromechanical reed contact magnetic switches and electronic versions which operate according to the Hall and magnetoresistive principle.

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For more safety in everyday life: Position switches and sensors from BERNSTEIN

Position switches and sensors or also limit switches. They all describe the same application principle. Position switches and sensors monitor, control or detect. Detect when a moving object has reached a certain position. And can be used in confined, explosive or humid environments.

The scope of application for position switches and sensors has changed over time. Whereas position switches and sensors were previously used for the purpose of detecting end positions, today they are increasingly assuming functions designed to protect persons and products in machine, equipment and plant construction.

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The BERNSTEIN product range includes both plastic and metal encapsulated position switches as well as inductive, capacitive and magnetic sensors. A wide variety of actuators as well as angular or round designs make the products particularly flexible in application.

The BERNSTEIN range of safety switches offers the right solution for the most diverse applications in many branches of industry. And when it comes to safety, users particularly appreciate the fact that they are able to procure and receive all the required safety switches and professional advice from one source. A position switch that can be used for safety functions is identified by the standardised symbol conforming to EN 60947-5-1 Addendum K. The switches can, of course, also be used for pure position monitoring purposes.

Of course, we offer all our switches and sensors in customised versions. Please contact us.​​​​​​​ We will be happy to advise you.

Position switchesPlastic and metal

Position switches are supplied in either a plastic enclosure or a metal enclosure.

The material selected for a specific application depends on the ambient conditions, the location, and several other factors.

They can be used either as safety switches or for pure position detection.

SensorsInductive, capacitive and magnetic

Whether detecting, positioning, monitoring or also for level measurement or content checking – whether inductive,capacitive or magnetic.

They are versatile and universal. BERNSTEIN position sensors can be used in a wide variety of applications. We offer you a solution for every application.

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