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BERNSTEIN safety technology: Position switches in detail

Position switches and position sensors

Our plastic limit switches and metal limit switches as well as our inductive, capacitive or magnetic sensors have been specially developed for safety monitoring and position detection under various conditions. Our product portfolio covers all areas, from confined spaces to dirty or damp environments.

Position switches and position sensors are typically used to monitor doors, flaps or bonnets, to detect the position of moving machine parts and to monitor the end position of components.

Product overview

For more safety in everyday life: position switches and position sensors

BERNSTEIN position switches and position sensors are available in numerous designs. Thanks to a large selection of different actuators and designs as well as the choice between a plastic or metal housing, they can be used in almost any application. 

Not least because of this diversity, position switches are used in a wide range of industries, including the automotive industry and agricultural engineering.

Position switches or limit switches: they all ultimately describe the same application principle. 
The basic mode of operation is that they switch the machine or system on or off or initiate certain actions depending on the position or status of an object. 

They monitor, control or detect. Recognise when a moving object has reached a certain position. Monitor whether a safety gate is completely closed. They can be used in confined, dirty or damp environments.

Safety switches and safety sensors monitor the movable guards of a machine or system. They ensure that users cannot open them as long as a dangerous situation exists. This is because there may still be a risk even if the machine has already been stopped.

A classic example of this is overrunning saw blades. It is imperative that the operator is denied access until the dangerous movement has come to a complete stop.

Inductive sensors
An inductive position sensor detects metallic objects. It consists of 4 functional groups:

  • Coil
  • Oscillator
  • Threshold switch
  • Switching output stage

Capacitive sensors
A capacitive position sensor detects materials in a solid or liquid state. It consists of the following 4 functional groups:

  • Sensor electrode
  • Oscillator
  • Threshold switch
  • Switching output stage

Magnetic sensors
BERNSTEIN offers the following variants of magnetic position sensors:

  • Electromechanical magnetic switches with reed contact
  • Electronic magnetic sensors based on the Hall and magnetoresistive principle

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