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BERNSTEIN safety technology: SEU emergency stop devices on a exhibition stand

Emergency stop switches

Large machines and systems usually have many safety doors that need to be safeguarded, for example to protect the operator from injury. In order to be able to switch them off quickly in emergency situations, every machine must be protected with one (or more) emergency stop switches in accordance with the Machinery Directive.

The BERNSTEIN product range comes with a wide selection of emergency rope pull switches in addition to classic emergency stop push-buttons.

Product overview

Protected at all times: Emergency stop solutions from BERNSTEIN

In modern industry, man and machine work hand in hand. This collaboration also involves risks - for machines, materials and, above all, for people. The safety of employees is therefore a top priority and must be guaranteed at all times.

Emergency stop switches are used to initiate an immediate shutdown of a machine or system, i.e. to bring it into a safe state. In the case of classic emergency stop devices, this works at the push of a button. With the help of a rope pull switch, the aim of switching off a machine in an emergency is achieved by pulling the rope.

All emergency stop switches can also be connected in series and connected to a safety evaluation system. Within this SMART Safety system, diagnostic data (DCD) can also be read out for each switch.

This is because emergency stop devices in particular are exposed to high mechanical loads. For this reason, they must be replaced after a certain number of actuations. The DCD system makes it easy to read out this number of actuations. This means that the emergency stop can be replaced in good time before the permitted service life is reached (predictive maintenance).

Emergency stop switches save lives in an emergency and are a mandatory component of machines and systems. According to the Machinery Ordinance (from 2027), every machine must be protected with at least one or more emergency stop devices.

They must also always have the same visual appearance: a red button on a yellow background. This means that every employee can immediately recognize what type of switch it is. They should also always be clearly visible and easy to reach.

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