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BERNSTEIN safety technology: Selection of safety switches and sensors

Safety switches and safety sensors

BERNSTEIN AG's range of safety switches and sensors includes a large number of different products that all have the same task: The safe detection of an open door, flap or bonnet.

In addition to secure door monitoring, the products also have other features that offer added value.

For example, the safety hinge switch, type SHS3, which combines hinge and safety switch in just one product. Or the non-contact safety sensor SRF, which provides a wide range of application and sensor information thanks to its diagnostic function.

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Product overview

Safety switches and sensors to protect people and machinery

» For us at BERNSTEIN, good safety technology is characterised primarily by the fact that it reliably prevents damage from people and machines. This includes that the individual components are securely protected from manipulation attempts. Modern safety technology also fulfils the requirement of networking components with each other. Diagnostic functions are the icing on the cake. In this way, safety technology components generate real added value. « – Nicole Bernstein | Board member

According to the Machinery Directive, the manufacturer of a machine must ensure that a risk assessment of his machine or system is carried out, for example to determine the safety requirements applicable to the machine.

As part of the risk assessment, hazards emanating from the machine are identified in the risk analysis and their risks are then assessed, taking various aspects into account.

A necessary reduction of the risk can be achieved either by eliminating the hazard or by reducing the aspects. In practice, this usually involves enclosing the danger zone. However, for various reasons (cleaning, maintenance, work process) there must be access to this area.

This access is made possible by a movable guard (usually a door, hood or flap), which must be interlocked.

Safety switches and safety sensors monitor the movable guards of a machine or system. They ensure that users cannot open them as long as a dangerous situation exists. This is because there may still be a risk even if the machine has already been stopped.

A classic example of this is overrunning saw blades. It is imperative that the operator is denied access until the dangerous movement has come to a complete stop.

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