The new IN62 and IN65 position switches

BERNSTEIN AG is excited to introduce its new IN62 and IN65 series of standard switches - offering a durable and reliable solution for safety facilities and position monitoring across a range of industry sectors.

Conforming to DIN EN 50047, the new series of switches boast standard dimensions with a wide range of contacts and actuators - which means they can be applied to virtually any industrial application.
A key feature of the IN65 series is a metal clip that allows tool-free turning of actuator elements and tool-free changing of actuators.

The new IN65 series is a modular unit which consist of different slow-action and snap-action contacts, together with a wide range of actuators. This modularity not only reduces storage costs but provides a high degree of flexibility, ensuring each customer can develop their own bespoke solution.

A metal mounting clip and metal actuator lock means the switches provide the economic advantages of a plastic bodied switch with the sturdiness normally only expected with a metal bodied one.

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