CS-480 B.flex - BERNSTEIN AG's smallest suspension system takes ergonomics into account

The company has named its CS-480 B.flex, which will be presented at SPS 2018, "the smallest independent suspension system at BERNSTEIN". And indeed, the 48 mm round pipe for connecting control enclosures or encapsulated IPCs to machines and systems is not big.

Connections of control enclosures or IPCs mounted on ceilings, walls or the floor are often easier and more ergonomic to position if the user can quickly rotate them according to his individual requirements. The CS-480 B.flex is suitable as a coupling for meeting this challenge. In addition, it can be used as a fixed or rotatable base. The round pipe also allows cables and wires to be routed through and can be adapted to the BERNSTEIN CS-3000 suspension system for higher loads.

As a basic component, the CS-480 B.flex fits particularly economically into existing suspension system families from BERNSTEIN AG. "It is that much flexible that we can solve particularly simple applications with it alone. At the same time, it is also possible to use other BERNSTEIN systems – such as the CS-3000 – to build on the CS-480 B.flex, even if the requirements are more complex and demanding," explains Kerstin Zahn, project and industry manager at BERNSTEIN AG, explaining the advantages of the new product.

At SPS IPC Drives 2018, BERNSTEIN will be pushing the ergonomics aspect even further with new and proven products for industry. Because fixed motion sequences, uniform workplaces and rigid operating elements, which demand forced and unnatural working postures from employees, are increasingly a relic of bygone times. The operator of a machine should be able to adapt the working environment to his individual body dimensions, physical forces and requirements.

BERNSTEIN AG therefore pays particular attention to ergonomics in accordance with DIN ISO 33402-2, when developing new products, in addition to the perfect functionality of its solutions. "Our suspension systems, such as the CS-4000 neXt, which we will also be exhibiting at our stand this year, facilitate the operation and monitoring of machines and systems. No matter whether standing, turning, angling, tilting, hanging or adjusting the height: Operator stations form the interface between man and machine. They should be ergonomically adapted so that the respective user can operate them without fatigue or strain," says Kerstin Zahn, summarizing the requirements.

Das CS-480 B.flex stellt BERNSTEIN auf der SPS 2018 vor.
BERNSTEIN presents the CS-480 B.flex at the SPS 2018.


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