CS-4000 neXt - The new suspension system for encapsulated IPCs

The suspension system CS-4000 next for encapsulated IPCs allows the integration of control- and signalling devices, emergency stop buttons, identification systems, key switches and interfaces directly into the pedestal.

Extensions units or additional enclosures are thus no longer necessary.Different to existing visualisation devices with single touch displays, this unique pedestal even fulfils the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC due to the integration of an emergency stop button. Thanks to the two separated chambers and smart internal cabling options it offers an IP65 rating. The pedestal is made of an anodised high quality aluminium extrusion and can be cut to customer specific lengths. The IPCs will be connected via standardised mounting brackets, such as VESA 75, VESA 100, tube connection Ø 48. Pre-assembled manufacturer independent components ease the set-up. Upon request the suspensions system can be supplied as an pre-wired Plug & Play solution, already equipped with control and signalling devices, E-Stop buttons, main switches, operator identification systems, key switches, keyboards, IPCs and/or displays, power supply and data cables and Ethernet components. The CS-400 neXt can be adapted to the ergonomic requirements of the operator: IPC- and keyboard heights are individually adjustable. Furthermore the display can be (rastend) tilted. Optionally there is a mousepad available either at the right or the left side. Due to the modular design the components can be added even on-site. Individual adaptations according to customer specific requirements complete BERNSTEIN’s offer. The patented suspension system CS-4000 neXt is suitable for applications in production areas, e.g. in the automotive industry and for decentralised visualisation stations in the machinery and plant industry.

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