BERNSTEIN enabling foot switch – controlled safely

Thanks to the first enable foot switch with DGUV approval (formerly BG), BERNSTEIN brings another innovative development to the market.

The first enabling foot switch with DGUV approval is available with three stages: OFF-ON-OFF, and is equipped with two enabling contacts and one signalling contact. BERNSTEIN offers this solution in one or two pedal versions. The DGUV approved switch is only available with cover for ergonomic reasons. For applications regarding the use of an enable device, rules DIN EN ISO 12100 and DIN EN 60204-1 apply.

As the approval only applies to enabling foot switches without protective shroud, BERNSTEIN brings another foot switch to the market with identical performance to the enabling foot switch, but has a protective shroud.

The enabling foot switch represents a further technological development of the classic foot switch and delivers another innovative step to the market place. In contrast to the release controls for manual operation that are widely represented on the market, this foot-operated switch brings a unique solution.

The approval DGUV perfectly underlines this innovative product from BERNSTEIN.



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