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AS-Interface Safety at Work

AS-Interface is the innovative solution for sensor and actuator wiring, regardless of whether standard or safety-relevant applications are concerned. Only one yellow, two-wire ribbon cable with reverse polarity protected profiling is laid to transmit the energy and data to up to 248 inputs and 248 outputs. Suitable slaves can be plugged in any position according to the “plug & play” principle. The contact between the device connection and the cable is made by the so-called piercing technology. Here, the contacts pierce the insulation through to the wire. The given geometry of the BUS adapter and the cable cross-section prevent installation errors.

In addition to switches, gateway masters and terminal boxes, the BERNSTEIN product range also includes power supply units, safety monitors, hand-held programming units as well as an extensive assortment of accessories. The entire comprehensive spectrum makes it possible to offer complete systems solutions.

  • Uncomplicated interconnection of safety systems in machines used in production lines
  • Straightforward implementation of safety system cascading
  • Faults in the safety system can be diagnosed with a laptop online
  • Diagnostic facilities directly at the master and monitor for exact fault location
  • System data / polling can be read out via higher-level bus system: Remote servicing
  • Fewer I/Os at controller
  • Takes up less space in control cabinet

  • Reduced costs through:

    • Significant reduction in cables
    • Fast installation
    • Fewer circuit diagrams need to be created
    • Fast commissioning
    • Fast troubleshooting
    • Extensive diagnostic facilities

  • User advantages through reduced:

    • Machine downtimes thanks to extensive diagnosis and fast troubleshooting
    • Commissioning costs
    • Maintenance and servicing expenditure

  • Direct connection – no need for M12 connection cable and connection adapters
  • Great degrees of freedom in terms of network typology
  • Tough even in harsh working environments
  • Modularity and perfect integration in higher-level bus systems – an AS interface master can be integrated as a normal slave in a higher-level bus system
  • Straightforward planning – intricate wiring documents are replaced by clearly arranged bus structure diagrams
  • Safety functions quickly created by drag and drop in ASIMON
  • Printout of safety configuration from programming tool