Consisting of a wide range of components, the SMART Safety System is your scalable solution for the complete safeguarding of machines and plants of any size. The SMART Safety System protects people, machines and processes. And not only that - thanks to the patented Daisy Chain diagnostic system, every connected device provides comprehensive diagnostic data. This applies not only to electronic components, but also to any mechanical safety components you may have, which can be easily integrated into the series connection.

Ready for Industry 4.0

BERNSTEIN has consistently thought ahead with the SMART Safety System. It offers you a large selection of safety switches and sensors. Select exactly the components you need. This is how you create your own individual system.

» Series connection of safety components
» Minimal wiring effort
» Integration of mechanical switches possible

Everything for your SMART Factory

With our extensive selection of safety components, the SMART Safety System is always individual - specially adapted to your wishes and requirements. For example, if a machine is equipped with our SRF non-contact safety sensors and/or SEU emergency stop switches, a series-switchable variant is very often chosen. This reduces the wiring effort and the costs of the system.

Intelligent diagnostic system

Everything in view: With our intelligent diagnostic system DCD, you receive comprehensive diagnostic data of all installed components of your system. Sources of error can be identified directly.

» Identify sources of error quickly and easily
» Minimise service costs
» Diagnostic data available for each connected unit

Predictive Maintenance

Service before service: Thanks to the constant analysis by the DCD, necessary maintenance work is indicated to you at an early stage. Unplanned downtimes can thus be avoided.

» Proactive maintenance thanks to diagnostic data
» Minimisation of default risks
» Higher productivity

High performance level

Highest reliability: The system is designed with and for your safety. Thanks to the electronic components in the series connection, it is possible to achieve a high performance level (up to PL e).

» Safe up to PL e
» Avoid downtimes
» Minimise failures

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SMART Safety System

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SMART safety technology at all levels — your connection options

A system with many individually selectable components. With our connection options for the SMART Safety System, you receive a smart complete system for safeguarding your machines and plants on request. The system is also regularly supplemented with additional components. Get your own picture.

The SRF (Safety RFID) is a non-contact safety sensor, that monitors moveable safety guards, such as doors, flaps and hoods.

Non-contact safety sensor SRF

Our emergency stop units offer an optical status display by means of LED. In addition, the transmission of the unit status to the machine control is possible via DCD diagnosis.

Illuminated electronic
emergency stop SEU 3 / 4
Electronic emergency stop

Mechanical switches can be integrated into the sensor chain using the connection box. The smart T-Adapter, on the other hand, is much smaller and can thus be installed very well in control cabinets and operating housings.

Smart T-Adapter
Connection box

The safety relay (SCR DI) is on the one hand a safety evaluation for the OSSD outputs of the sensor chain, and on the other hand a diagnostic module and IO-Link gateway. The programmable safety relay of the SCR P series is a smart alternative with a wide range of application possibilities. Up to 5 possible safety circuits up to PL e, 2 of which with innovative DCD diagnostics, are easily possible.

Safety controller
Programmable safety controller

SMART Safety System in use

The SMART Safety System has already proven itself in many applications. Learn more about the different applications in our customer stories.

Safety technology for lifting platforms

„When a worker is standing on the working platform and notices at the top position that the platform cannot be moved, a time-consuming troubleshooting began up to now. Thanks to the SMART Safety System, the data can now be read out via NFC interface. This immediately tells you which sensor is reporting a problem, the corresponding railing can be checked without detours and quickly closed again correctly.“


With BERNSTEIN against the pandemic

„There are 16 SRF safety sensors per machine, which ensure that the production of respirators runs smoothly. The SRF monitors movable guards, such as flaps, doors or protective grids. This particularly small sensor protects employees from injury by switching off machines and systems or not even putting them into operation until the separating protective device is properly closed.“


SMART Safety for the retrofit of your machine

You own an older machine or plant and would like to equip it with the latest safety technology? No problem for our SMART Safety System. Our components are ideally suited for retrofitting your machine.

In connection with the retrofitting of older systems, one of the tasks is to integrate the mechanical emergency stop devices that are often still present into the series connection. The smart T-adapter from BERNSTEIN solves this dilemma. It enables series connection to reduce the number of safety relays without having to comply with TR24119 (fault masking). Incidentally, it also makes the mechanical emergency stop switch DCD-capable.

We see ourselves as a solution provider and provide you with scalable electronic security solutions. Contact us and ask your questions. We will be happy to advise you.

Retrofit of a laminating line with the latest safety technology

„Troubleshooting should be easier and faster. In addition, diagnostic options had to be created. In order to also be able to implement a series connection of all components, the choice quickly fell on the SMART Safety System from BERNSTEIN AG.““


Other products of BERNSTEIN AG

BERNSTEIN AG is a leading global developer and manufacturer of switches, sensors, enclosures and support arm systems as well as other components for industrial applications. Knowledge of market requirements, proximity to users and many years of experience in mechanics and electronics are reflected in our products down to the smallest detail.

By fulfilling internationally valid safety guidelines, our products are ideally suited for individual solutions. The focus is always on safety for people, machines and processes. With well-founded application expertise, we support customers from various industries in the planning and implementation of safety-related requirements.
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