Position switches, safety switches and limit switches made of plastic and metal

BERNSTEIN plastic limit switches and metal limit switches have been specially developed for safety monitoring and position detection under various conditions. The product portfolio of our BERNSTEIN position switches and BERNSTEIN safety switches covers all areas, from confined spaces to potentially explosive or damp environments.

Safety switch and position switch made of plastic:

Miniature limit switch
Type C2
Position switch C2
Miniature limit switch
Type Ti2
Position switch Ti2
Limit switch
Type I49
Position switch I49
Limit switch
Type IN62
Position switch IN62
Limit switch
Type IN65
Position switch IN65
Limit switch
Type I81
Position Switch I81
Limit switch
Type SGS
Position switch SGS
Limit switch
Type Bi2
Position switch Bi2
Limit switch
Type IN73
Position switch IN73

Safety switch and position switch made of metal:

Limit switch
Type M49
Position switch M49
Limit switch
Type GC
Position switch GC
Limit switch
Type SN2
Position switch SN2
Limit switch
Type MN78
Position switch MN78
Limit switch
Type D
Position switch D


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