Can standard inductive sensors be used in safety technology?

Products used in the field of safety technology must meet special requirements. These result from various directives and standards in order to reduce potential hazards to a minimum. But do they always have to be special safety products?

In our whitepaper, we get to the bottom of this question.

Products used in safety-relevant applications must function reliably. If, for example, a sensor that is supposed to monitor a position safely fails, this can lead to serious injuries or, in the worst case, death.

Therefore, in safety applications, depending on the safety level, the products or the safety function must have measures for error detection and avoidance as well as maximum error rates.

These specifications have already been implemented in products for safety technology and are therefore also more expensive to manufacture than standard products.

But: It is not mandatory that special safety switches must also be used for safety applications. Under certain conditions, the less expensive standard products can also be used.

In our free white paper, you will learn about standard inductive sensors as an example:

• What generally needs to be considered when using standard inductive sensors in safe applications
• How you can basically determine whether a product is suitable for your application
• How the deployment could look like based on an application example

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