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Symbolic handover of the torch at BERNSTEIN





A few weeks ago, the previous Managing Director Uwe Birnbaum handed over a symbolic torch to his successor Jan Aßmann, who will manage the BERNSTEIN subsidiary in China from now on.

It was a handover and familiarisation under difficult conditions due to the strict Corona measures and the lockdown in China. Despite this, or precisely for this reason, Uwe Birnbaum and Jan Aßmann were optimally prepared and planned the handover in detail. Uwe Birnbaum, who has lived in Asia since 1995 and was Managing Director of BERNSTEIN in China since 2016, is leaving the company to return to Germany with his family. Jan Aßmann, who was born in Neuruppin (Brandenburg) and has lived in China since 2004, will succeed him.

"I am motivated by the opportunity to shape, to break new ground with the team, to develop and implement creative strategies and to reap the rewards in the end," says the new managing director. His first time in China was as a student at Sichuan University in Chengdu. Before that, Jan Aßmann studied "Economics & Chinese" in Bremen.

Since then, the new BERNSTEIN Managing Director in China has held professional positions at well-known international companies - most recently as General Manager of a supplier in the automotive sector. Jan Aßmann can clearly state the goal for his work at BERNSTEIN: "We want to be the preferred partner of our target customers on the market and be perceived as an innovative solution provider - supported by a strong BERNSTEIN team that is motivated every day to develop new ideas and improvements."

The BERNSTEIN team in China
A strong BERNSTEIN team. The hand sign, which indicates a heart with thumb and index finger, is very common in China and stands for positive energy and love.
Building BERNSTEIN Safe Solutions
The headquarters of BERNSTEIN Safe Solutions is in Taicang. The new building was occupied in 2015.