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Safety System for safeguarding machines




SMART Safety System

With the development of the SCR P safety relay, BERNSTEIN has created a further important device to safeguard entire machines through a SMART Safety System.

The SCR P, which collects a large amount of data and makes them available via an Ethernet interface, will premiere at SPS 2019 in November. It extends the SMART Safety series which is based around the SRF RFID sensor, the SEU electronic emergency stop device, and the SCR DI safety relay, which the company has introduced over the past few years.

BERNSTEIN will be presenting the latest innovation for expanding the system at this year's SPS in Nuremberg: The SCR P programmable safety controller enables the company to take a further step in safeguarding machines. "We offer a complete solution for our customers and will continue to expand and develop the system to further simplify the use of intelligent electronic safety devices and to better exploit their benefits," explains Uwe Wiemer, Sales Director of the DETECT business unit.

In the past, several safety relays were often required to realise all the safety functions needed to completely protect a machine. With the newly developed SCR P programmable safety controller this is no longer necessary, as it integrates all these functions in one module. Furthermore, the two independent enabling paths allow switching off different zones of larger machines. The SCR P monitors up to 5 safety circuits, each with the maximum safety level of PL e. The advantages for the customer are obvious: "On the one hand, hardware costs can be saved, while on the other hand, the wiring effort required by the customer is considerably lower, which results in considerable time savings. By combining several safety relays into one device, the new programmable safety controller takes up significantly less space in the control cabinet. And thanks to the intuitive software, programming is completely trouble-free," says Philip Aumann, the responsible product manager.

The family-owned company presented its SRF, SEU and SCR DI, the first SMART Safety System, at an early stage. The patented DCD diagnostic system, which supplies extensive data from each connected device, was of particular importance during the development of the system. Providing diagnostic data also plays an important role in the SCR P. Those are available to the user via a selectable Ethernet protocol. "We consider ourselves as a solution provider and supply our customers with scalable electronic safety systems. The SCR DI system is ideal for smaller machines, while we recommend the use of the SCR P for larger ones," explains Uwe Wiemer.

Product image of the BERNSTEIN SCR P against a grey background
Where previously several safety relays were often required, the newly developed, programmable SCR P is now used, which implements all safety functions and makes only this one safety relay necessary.