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SMART Safety System

New SCx safety controller from BERNSTEIN offers safety and diagnostic options

The latest addition to the SMART Safety System from BERNSTEIN is called SCx. It is a safety controller that enables machines and systems to be comprehensively safeguarded and also offers simple programming and flexible configuration options. With the SCx, customers can now obtain the right safety solution with diagnostic options from BERNSTEIN for every machine size and complexity.

"Where previous safety solutions have sometimes reached their limits on large machines, the new safety controller grows with the requirements", explains Philip Aumann, Head of Product Management DETECT at BERNSTEIN.

The SCx safety controller is characterised by its expandability, offering users the option of adding up to eight I/O modules. This means that it can be perfectly customised to the specific safety requirements of a machine or system.
In addition, the Daisy Chain Diagnostics (DCD) system enables detailed monitoring and diagnostics in order to recognise and rectify potential problems at an early stage.

With the SCx safety controller, companies can exchange data via three different fieldbus protocols, including Profinet, Modbus/TCP and EtherCAT. This ensures seamless integration into existing networks and simplifies communication between different devices. With the SCx, BERNSTEIN is consistently expanding its proven SMART Safety System for the complete protection of machines and systems.

About the SMART Safety System

If a machine or system is equipped with BERNSTEIN SRF safety sensors and/or SEU emergency stop switches, a series-switchable variant is very often selected in order to reduce the wiring effort and costs of the system. Together with programmable safety evaluations or controllers, BERNSTEIN provides the basis for a complete smart system for safeguarding machines and systems: The SMART Safety System.

During development, BERNSTEIN placed particular emphasis on the patented DCD diagnostic system, which provides comprehensive data on every connected device. BERNSTEIN has consistently developed this "SMART Safety System" further and added additional components.

The most important features of the SCx safety controller at a glance:

  • PC-configurable: Flexible and easy to use, allows simple customisation to the specific requirements of your application
  • Network-compatible: With support for Profinet, Modbus/TCP and EtherCAT for efficient communication with other devices and systems
  • Up to 394 secure devices can be connected: Thanks to DCD, you can monitor and manage a large number of devices
  • Numerous safety inputs and outputs: Up to 154 safety inputs (26 on the base unit) and up to 68 independent safety outputs with a current rating of 0.5 A to 6 A
  • Convertible security inputs: Up to 40 (8 on the base unit) for maximum flexibility
  • Daisy Chain Diagnostics (DCD): Provides detailed status and diagnostic data to improve safety and efficiency
  • Optional screen: Enables local diagnostics for fast and efficient troubleshooting
  • Expandability: Up to eight expansion I/O modules can be added to customise the safety controller to specific requirements
BERNSTEIN Sicherheitssteuerung SCx als Leerprodukt im Schaltschrank