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New CS-B.light lightweight suspension system from BERNSTEIN





Modern solution for lightweight IPCs and screens

Porta Westfalica, April 2024 - As a leading manufacturer of industrial safety and enclosure technology, BERNSTEIN is presenting its new CS-B.light lightweight suspension system for the flexible mounting of small, lightweight IPCs, screens and operating enclosures. The family-owned company from Porta Westfalica is responding to a growing trend towards smaller, lighter and more compact visualisation and operating systems. The CS-B.light solves the challenge of mounting these at a workstation in an industrial environment in an ergonomic, user-friendly and easy-to-read way.

"All of our suspension systems are designed to make it easier to operate and monitor machines and systems. This is because operator stations form the interface between humans and machines. They should be ergonomically adapted so that the respective user can operate them without becoming fatigued or strained. In addition, they should be customised precisely for the respective application," says Oliver Kossmann, Head of the Enclosure Technology Division (PROTECT) at BERNSTEIN.

For precisely this purpose, the CS-B.light lightweight suspension system offers a wide range of product features:

  • Outstanding load-bearing capacity: the CS-B.light lightweight suspension system can easily handle static loads of up to 45 kg (at 1 m jib length), making it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.
  • Individual configurability: The modularity of the system allows users to customise their configuration according to their specific requirements. This ensures maximum flexibility when designing control applications.
  • Simple installation: Installation of the CS-B.light lightweight suspension system is extremely simple and time-saving. The flexible length adjustments of the aluminium profile tubes enable quick and uncomplicated installation.
  • Versatile connections: With an extensive portfolio of components, the CS-B.light lightweight suspension system offers numerous connection options to meet individual needs and requirements.

As one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial safety and enclosure technology, BERNSTEIN combines these competences in the DETECT and PROTECT divisions. The product portfolio ranges from switches, sensors and enclosures to suspension systems and operator stations through to system solutions for operating and safeguarding entire machines and systems.  Today, the company BERNSTEIN AG employs around 600 people in 10 countries and is now in its 3rd generation as an internationally active family company.

BERNSTEIN enclosure technology: CS-B.light suspension system in two versions