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Convertible lightweight control enclosure rounds off systems, intelligent sensor ensures protection

No one would contradict that: The smooth and long-term economic functioning of machines and systems is the focus of all condition monitoring. The question of optics, on the other hand, is rarely asked by most small and medium-sized enterprises, while the question of calculable costs is often present. But what if all aspects can be implemented with the right partner? The reliable and (cost-) calculable monitoring of safety-relevant conditions as well as the fulfilment of aesthetic demands. This is exactly what the Lumberg Group attempted in Plant 2 at the Cloppenburg site with the support of BERNSTEIN AG from Porta Westfalica.

Lumberg is one of the leading suppliers of connector and contact systems. Its expertise lies in the in-house development and production of connectors, electromechanical components and mechatronic components. One promise of quality that Lumberg makes to its customers is its high internal vertical range of manufacture:

the design and construction of assembly lines or even tools is an essential core competence of the company that has been proven in many reference projects. The company specialises in the business areas of automotive, building and household appliance technology.

The third-generation owner-managed company with 1,300 employees worldwide relies on BERNSTEIN‘s CC-4000 lightweight control enclosure to encapsulate operating units, IPCs or display components, both for its own machines and for systems it develops and builds for its customers. „We were looking for an enclosure that could safely house the technical equipment in our plants and protect it from damage. But every new system we build for our customers also brings different requirements. A standard solution would not have helped us. In BERNSTEIN, we have found a partner who can act just as flexibly and individually as we do for our customers,“ says Rainer Schwinefot (Lumberg), explaining the decision. Within two years, more than 100 enclosures from BERNSTEIN have been used at Lumberg – and more are to follow.

The CC-4000 scored points because it is particularly uncomplicated to adapt to specific requirements with the help of a modular concept. BERNSTEIN offers a comprehensive portfolio of enclosures, operating terminals and suspension systems as well as industrial safety technology – individual solutions that meet internationally valid safety and machine guidelines. The aluminium profiles of the CC-4000, which convinced Lumberg, can be cut to any desired length and flexibly assembled with aluminium corner modules. If a customer also combines different aluminium profiles with each other, the enclosure becomes as deep as desired and offers the desired and required space for the operating unit. The next step is to connect it to the machine: the selection of the appropriate suspension system takes into account the weight of the enclosure, the position of the operator and the angle at which he looks at the screen. Turning, tilting, hanging, standing – basically everything is possible. Those responsible also refer to semi-automatic machines that can be individually configured for the respective connector type, which are also a Lumberg development and have been equipped with BERNSTEIN‘s CC-4000. These are semi-automatic machines that make it easier for the operator to strip the cable and attach the contacts for Lumberg‘s connectors.

In addition to different widths, heights and depths, further variations of the CC-4000 can be implemented: integrated handle strips, any colour design or a front panel finish with screen printing or engraving. Lumberg opted for a design in bright green for its enclosures – in line with its corporate design. „This makes it recognisable at first glance that it is a Lumberg system. This recognisability was important to us,“ says Rainer Schwinefot.

Currently, the companies are making plans for further cooperation: in addition to the CC-4000 enclosures, Lumberg is also interested in the Smart Safety Sensor SRF for safe monitoring. The SRF (Safety RFID) monitors movable guards, such as flaps, doors or guards. This particularly small sensor protects employees from injury by switching off machines and systems or not even putting them into operation until the separating protective device is properly closed. „Gradually, we will be upgrading to the SRF from BERNSTEIN,“ confirms Rainer Schwinefot.
With this new development, BERNSTEIN has placed its special focus on the diagnostic system that goes with the sensor: It reads out a large amount of data and makes it available centrally and flexibly in the sense of intelligent production. The diagnostic data is read into the machine control system via I/O Link, for example, or alternatively displayed on a smartphone using NFC technology. Recently, the Smart Safety Sensor SRF even received an award for high design quality: As winner of the Red Dot Award 2018.

BERNSTEIN CC-4000 lightweight control enclosure
The CC-4000 lightweight control enclosure in a production line developed in-house by Lumberg.
Semi-automatic machines developed by Lumberg equipped with the CC-4000
Semi-automatic machines developed by Lumberg – also equipped with the CC-4000 – enable efficient and quality-monitored assembly of wire harnesses with connectors using insulation displacement technology.
BERNSTEIN safety sensor SRF
[Übersetzen nach: Englisch] Neben den CC-4000 Gehäusen interessiert Lumberg sich auch für den Smart Safety Sensor SRF zur sicheren Überwachung. Nach und nach wird auf den SRF von Bernstein umgerüstet