SMART Safety System components

Consisting of a wide range of components, the SMART Safety System is your scalable solution for the complete safeguarding of machines and plants of any size. The SMART Safety System protects people, machines and processes. And not only that - thanks to the patented Daisy Chain diagnostic system, every connected device provides comprehensive diagnostic data. This applies not only to electronic components, but also to any mechanical safety components you may have, which can be easily integrated into the series connection.

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safety sensor SRF

The SRF (Safety RFID) is a non-contact safety sensor, that monitors moveable safety guards. For each sensor, up to 20 different pieces of diagnostic information can be retrieved and made available.

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Illuminated electronic emergency stop SEU 3/4

Thanks to the large LED status display, it can be quickly seen directly on the unit which emergency stop of a system or machine has been actuated. In addition, the luminous SEU can be wired in the same safety circuit with the SRF sensors.

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Electronic emergency stop SEU 2

The emergency stop offers an optical status display by means of LED as well as transmission of the device status via DCD diagnosis to the machine control. Resetting after actuation of the emergency stop is done via a rotary movement on the knob.

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Connection box

By means of this connection box, an already existing emergency stop switch with two mechanical safety contacts can be integrated into the sensor chain. In addition, mechanical switches can be included in the sensor chain with the connection box. The status data are transmitted via DCD diagnosis.

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Smart T-Adapter

T-adapter and connection box combined in one device. The smart T-adapter is significantly smaller than the connection box and can therefore be easily installed in control cabinets and operating housings. In order to be able to quickly recognise the status of the adapter and the connected mechanical switch, clearly visible LEDs are also integrated on the front and back.

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Programmable safety controller SCR P

The smart alternative to classic safety relays. Thanks to the large number of application possibilities, the purchase of individual safety relay modules can be dispensed with. Up to 5 possible safety circuits up to PL e allow logical links in addition to individual safety functions. Extensive diagnostic information can be read out via the Ethernet interface.

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Safety controller

This safety relay combines three devices in one: On the one hand, it is a safety evaluation for the OSSD outputs of the sensor chain (SRF and SEU), on the other hand, it is a diagnostic module and IO-Link gateway. It can safely monitor a series connection consisting of SRF and/or SEU and make their diagnostic data available.

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Diagnostic module

The SRF DI is a diagnostic module for evaluating DCD diagnostic data from the SRF and SEU series connection. This data can then be made available either via IO-Link, USB or NFC interface. There are two variants to choose from: Classically as a control cabinet module or as a field module directly on the machine.

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