Door contacts type SEL

For many years, the BERNSTEIN door contacts of the SEL series are an integral part of the lift industry. When it comes to supplying OEMs of delivering spare parts – you can find us everywhere in the world. Due to its elastic design of the contacts, the contact plates are mechanically moved with each actuation; this causes a cleaning effect by the actuator. Dirt, dust, and possible oxide layers are rubbed away – the electrical contact is made reliably.

SEL switch family

Our SEL series door contacts offer you a particularly long mechanical service life. They are available in three different versions with separate actuator. You can also choose between four different actuator variants.

Door contacts are, in addition to the driving contactors, the most actuated switchgear in a lift.

Contact type: 1 NC contact

Protection class IP20

Door contact with contact plates or contact pins

Mechanical lifetime: more than 10 million switching cycles

Distance of fixing screws: 40 mm

Door contacts with separated actuator

The door contacts are wired in the active safety circuit in the cabin door. Thus, they are actuated during every journey. This is another reason why our SEL door contact switches have a particularly long mechanical service life. More than 10,000,000 operations are possible.

For example, if a lift were to make about 1,000 trips a day, the door contacts can be used for more than 27 years before they reach their mechanical end of life.




  • Classical door contact with contact plates or contact pins, as well as integrated, bottom side cable duct (with SEL2)
  • Dimensions:
    • SEL 1: 16 mm height x 50 mm width x 24,5 mm depth
    • SEL 2: 19 mm height x 50 mm width x 24,5 mm depth
    • SEL 3: 15 mm height x 50 mm width x 24,5 mm depth
  • Distance of fixing screws: 40 mm
  • Available as red-transparent enclosure and as overall-transparent variant
Enclosure materialPC (UL 94-V0) red/transparent
CoverPC (UL 94-V0) transparent/transparent
Ambient temperature–30°C ... to +70°C
Type of contact1 NC contact
Mechanical lifetime10 x106 switching cycles
Switching frequency≤ 30/min
Weight≈ 0.02 kg
Protection classIP20 conforming to EN 60529
Rated operating current2 A AC / DC
Rated operating voltage230 V AC; 200 V DC
Conventional thermoelectric current4 A
Positive breakaccor. to IEC/EN 60947-5-1, Annex K
Isolating distance – NC contactsDIN EN 81-20
Short-circuit protection deviceSafety fuse 6 A gG

Actuator for SEL door contacts

The right actuator for every application: Choose the actuator required for your application from our four possible variants for the SEL door contact switches.

P0 actuator
standard actuator
P1 actuator
with transverse mounting
P3 actuator
with transverse mounting
PL actuator
in case of the contact pin version

The right solutions for sure

BERNSTEIN AG is a leading global supplier of industrial safety technology. With a comprehensive range of switches, sensors, enclosures and operating terminals, the family-owned company offers its customers versatile solutions. Overspeed governors, door contacts, limit switches, interception contacts, door zone switches - lift technology has always been an indispensable part of the company and has shaped its history like hardly any other industry.

Quality "made in Germany" has made a name for itself all over the world over the past decades and the characteristic red BERNSTEIN switches and door contacts characterise the image in many lifts.
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