Plastic-bodied safety switch, Type SKT

The SKT is the smallest safety switch with a separate actuator. It is particularly suited for applications that require an extremely slim and short switch design.

  • Compact IP 65 switch with rotary head for safety applications
  • Optimised size while retaining tried-and-tested connection system
  • Two-channel safety monitoring possible
  • With captive snap-on cover
  • Actuator can be repositioned by 4 x 90°
  • Two actuator openings which makes horizontal and vertical operation possible
  • Versions: 1 NC / 1 NO, 2 NC
  • All NC contacts with in the circuit diagram are positively opening contacts
  • Type: Zb (galvanically isolated changeover contact)
  • Available with M12 connector
  • AS-Interface variants available
  • Preassembled with customer-specific cables and connectors on request
  • Universal Hinged Actuator (MRU)
Art. No. Type IGES STEP Assembly instructions Spec sheet
3112850340SK-BETÄTIGER M3
6016419059SKT-U1Z M3
6016469066SKT-A2Z M3