Plastic-bodied safety switch, Type SK

The SK safety position switch is an industry standard and can be used in virtually any application.

  • Particularly suitable for personal protection applications
  • Design safety features conforming to VDE 0660 T200 and IEC 60947-5-1
  • Test regulations GS-ET 15
  • Protection class IP 65 to VDE 0470 T1
  • Different actuating forces
  • Enclosure and cover PA 6, self-extinguishing (UL-94-V0)
  • Actuators can be repositioned by 180°
  • Two actuator openings which makes horizontal and vertical operation possible
  • Cable entry 3 x M20 x 1.5
  • Slow-action contact
  • Versions: 1 NC
  • All NC contacts with in the circuit diagram are positively opening contacts
  • Type: Zb (galvanically isolated changeover contact)
  • Anti-tamper facility due to coding 
  • Available with M12 connector
  • AS-Interface variants available
  • Preassembled with customer-specific cables and connectors on request
  • Universal Hinged Actuator (MRU)
  • Integrated actuator holding force (up to 30 N)
Art. No. Type IGES STEP Assembly instructions Spec sheet
3911452116SK-BET.M4 KPL. M.KAP.
6016119016SK-U1Z M
6016119084SK-U1Z MRU
6016169026SK-UV15Z M
6016169036SK-A2Z M
6016169053SK-A2Z F30 M
6016169061SK-UV15Z F30 M
6016169085SK-A2Z MRU
6016169086SK-UV15Z MRU
6116119109SK-U1Z F30 M