Programmable Safety Controller SCR P

The programmable safety controller of the SCR P series is a smart alternative to the classic safety relays. Due to its multitude of applications it can replace various safety relay modules. This saves not only costs but also time, wiring effort and space. Up to 5 possible safety circuits with a max. of PL e, thereof 2 circuits with innovative DCD diagnostics allow logical connections to distinctively shutdown certain parts of a machine. Extensive diagnostic information can be retrieved via the Ethernet interface.

  • Reduction of downtimes
  • Reduce hardware costs
  • Quick and simple configuration
  • Testing the configuration in simulation mode
  • Simple troubleshooting in live mode
  • Configuration cloning via programming flash drive
  • Provision of DCD diagnostic data via selectable Ethernet protocols
  • Two independent enabling paths
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simple program creation via Drag & Drop
  • Live and simulation mode
Art. No. Type STEP Assembly instructions Spec sheet
6075133159SCR P-10-6R-4



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