Bistable Safety Switch SGS

The SGS is a bistable safety switch with remote release facility. Once switched, the SGS remains in this position until it is manually reset at the plunger or via an external button. A built-in solenoid actuator controls the release action.

  • Plunger indicates switch status
  • Plunger groove for manual reset
  • 2 versions: 230 V AC and 24 V DC
  • Reset via built-in solenoid actuator
  • 3 cable outlets M20 x 1.5
  • Switching functions: 2 NC contacts
  • TÜV EN 81 approval
  • Other actuators from the standard
    range on request
  • In lift construction
  • In door and gate systems
  • In wind power stations
  • Lift pre-switching (speed limiter)
  • Monitoring of emergency release function
  • Machine construction applications where
    specific reset of the switch is required
  • Use in areas difficult to access
  • Remote monitoring and reset over large distances
Art. No. Type IGES STEP Assembly instructions Spec sheet
6010153027SGS-SU1Z W F6 230V
6010853001SGS-SA2Z W F6 24V
6010853002SGS-SA2Z W F3 24V
6010853003SGS-SA2Z W F6 230V
6010853004SGS-SA2Z W F3 230V