Limit switch Type IN65

Thanks to their standard dimensions as well as the wide range of contacts and actuators, the IN65 switches can be used on safety facilities and for position monitoring in virtually any industrial application. The modularity allows for great flexibility, enabling individual customer solutions to be realised. Due to the metal actuator locking and mounting clip the product is particularly robust. The IN65 ideally combines the economic advantages of a plastic bodied switch, with the sturdiness of a metal bodied one.

  • Standard switches conforming to DIN EN 50047
  • Modular design
  • High reliability at low currents (1 mA)
  • Tool-free turning and changing of actuator
  • Metal actuator locking
  • Metal mounting clip
  • Protection class IP66 and IP67
  • Hinged snap-on cover
  • Slow-action and snap-action contacts
  • Mechanical service life: up to 30 million switching cycles
  • Different actuators available
  • Adjustable actuator elements (8 x 45° repositioning)
  • Adjustable lever
  • Rotatable lever
Art. No. Type IGES STEP Assembly instructions Spec sheet
6083000207IN65-SU1Z SM
6083000208IN65-U1Z SM
6083000209IN65-SA2Z SM
6083000210IN65-A2Z SM
6083000211IN65-SE2 SM
6083000212IN65-E2 SM
6083000213IN65-UV1Z SM
6083000214IN65-SU1Z RK
6083000215IN65-U1Z RK
6083000216IN65-SA2Z RK
6083000217IN65-A2Z RK
6083000218IN65-SE2 RK
6083000219IN65-E2 RK
6083000220IN65-UV1Z RK
6083000221IN65-SU1Z HK
6083000222IN65-U1Z HK
6083000223IN65-SA2Z HK
6083000224IN65-A2Z HK
6083000225IN65-SE2 HK
6083000226IN65-E2 HK
6083000227IN65-UV1Z HK
6083000228IN65-SU1Z DGHK
6083000229IN65-U1Z DGHK
6083000230IN65-SA2Z DGHK
6083000231IN65-A2Z DGHK
6083000232IN65-SE2 DGHK
6083000233IN65-E2 DGHK
6083000234IN65-UV1Z DGHK
6083000235IN65-SU1Z AHK
6083000236IN65-U1Z AHK
6083000237IN65-SA2Z AHK
6083000238IN65-A2Z AHK
6083000239IN65-SE2 AHK
6083000240IN65-E2 AHK
6083000241IN65-UV1Z AHK
6083000254IN65-SU1Z DGKK
6083000255IN65-U1Z DGKK
6083000256IN65-SA2Z DGKK
6083000257IN65-A2Z DGKK
6083000258IN65-SE2 DGKK
6083000259IN65-E2 DGKK
6083000260IN65-UV1Z DGKK
6083000261IN65-SU1Z KNK
6083000262IN65-U1Z KNK
6083000263IN65-SA2Z KNK
6083000264IN65-A2Z KNK
6083000265IN65-SE2 KNK
6083000266IN65-E2 KNK
6083000267IN65-UV1Z KNK
6083000279IN65-A2 AVK
6083000280IN65-SU1 AVK
6083000284IN65-U1 AVK
6083000285IN65-UV1 AVK
6083000286IN65-SA2 AVK
6083000287IN65-E2 AVK
6083000288IN65-SE2 AVK
6083000296IN65-U1Z AHSGU RO50
6083000297IN65-A2Z AHSGU RO50
6083000298IN65-E2 AHSGU RO50
6083000299IN65-UV1Z AHSGU RO50
6083000300IN65-SU1Z AHSGU RO50
6083000301IN65-SA2Z AHSGU RO50
6083000302IN65-SE2 AHSGU RO50
6083000303IN65-U1 AHDM
6083000304IN65-A2 AHDM
6083000305IN65-E2 AHDM
6083000306IN65-UV1 AHDM
6083000307IN65-SU1 AHDM
6083000308IN65-SA2 AHDM
6083000309IN65-SE2 AHDM


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