Made for practical work – foot switches for every application

Foot switches are used wherever manual operation is not possible for ergonomic or safety reasons. BERNSTEIN offers a wide range of foot switch solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries. More than 50 years of experience have gone into the development and manufacture of our products. This makes us a leader in the field of industrial foot switches.

BERNSTEIN foot switches - Product selection:

Foot Switch Range
Foot switch
protective shroud UN
Foot switch
protective shroud UK
Foot switch
protection degree IP 67
Foot switch
pressure point D
Foot switch
latch-action switching Y
Foot switch
footrest FST
Foot switch
pedal lock AT
Foot switch
hinged pedal protection PS
Foot switch
Power contactor LS
Foot switch
Emergency Stop button NA2
Approved enable foot switch
Foot switch
enable function
Foot switch
safety lock,
manual release
Foot switch
controller output
(analogue output)
Mobility handling
for foot switches
Plastic foot switch

Tailored to your applications: the modular foot switch concept from BERNSTEIN

Thanks to our decades of experience, we are specialists in foot switch solutions for a wide variety of applications. We not only offer you a wide range of foot switches, but also implement your individual adaptations. Here, we support you with our own know-how to find the best possible solution for your application.

Release control by foot actuation: Foot switch with enabling function

Foot switches are often used as so-called “hold-to-run control device” (touch control) to bring a machine into operation. For this purpose, the enable foot switches equiped with the approved enable contact are ideally suited as they satisfy very demanding safety standards.

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Well protected from all sides: foot switch with protective cover

The aluminium pressure die-cast protective shroud fully shields the pedal at the top and sides while the wide base provides a high degree of stability. It reliably prevents accidental operation from above by falling objects or careless operation from the side. Due to its robust construction the protective shroud withstands a drop of 20 kg from a height of 1 m.

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Foot switch solutions for sophisticated technical requirements

You will therefore find models with a pressure point being used where a 2-way circuit is to be operated with only one pedal. With their blocking function, switches with a pedal lock offer protection against inadvertent actuation even in the case of external influences such as heavy vibrations. Foot switches equipped with a bistable switching function allow constant machine operation even after releasing the pedal which is only interrupted when the pedal is operated again. In addition, the switches can be equipped with fixed or hinged protective hoods, hinged pedal guards or emergency stop devices for manual operation. This ensures maximum possible safety in all work situations

Specific switch solutions demonstrate the practical experience and requirement orientation of the company. A power contactor integrated into the housing, for example, enable a motor to be controlled without additional junction boxes. A foot switch featuring variable controlling current and voltage outputs with integral Hall element in the switch insert, is available for continuous control applications.

But the manufacturer also meets the demand for fast, simple commissioning. A product model with preassembled cable and plug offers immediate assistance in uncomplicated applications. BERNSTEIN latest development is the first DGUV (BG)-approved enable foot switch. It is a technological further development of the classic foot switch and is unique on the market. Customer specific versions of our foot switch range are available, our team will be happy to advise you.



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