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Safety Hinge Switch Type SHS3

The SHS3 is a safety hinge switch for hinged protective equipment.

  • Flexibility and safety for hinged protective equipment
  • Protection class IP 67 / IP 69K
  • Freely and repeatedly adjustable switching point
  • Switching point freely adjustable by user over a range of 270°
  • Uncomplicated re-adjustment even of set switching point by ±1.5° thanks to integrated fine adjustment system
  • Slots for mounting on sections and welded structures
  • Right and left hinged systems possible for optimum cable routing
  • Mounting between sections while maintaining the required finger guard gap
  • 2 positive opening safety contacts with additional normally-open signalling contact
  • The load-bearing hinge is made from stainless steel or die-cast zinc while the switching system is housed in a high quality plastic enclosure
  • Stainless steel hinge for arduous applications like Food & Beverage industry or for heavy hinged protective equipment
  • Die-cast zinc hinge for standard applications
  • Available with M12 connector
  • Version with Ultra-Lock technology possible
  • AS-Interface variants available
  • Double hinge version with two switches available
Art. No. Type IGES STEP Spec sheet
6019390022SHS3-U15Z-KA 5 R
6019390023SHS3-U15Z-KA 5 L
6019390024SHS3-U15Z-KR 5 R
6019390025SHS3-U15Z-KR 5 L
6019390034SHS3-U15Z-SA R
6019390035SHS3-U15Z-SA L
6019390036SHS3-U15Z-SR R
6019390037SHS3-U15Z-SR L
6019490050SHS3Z-U15Z-KA5 R
6019490051SHS3Z-U15Z-KA5 L
6019490052SHS3Z-U15Z-KR5 R
6019490053SHS3Z-U15Z-KR5 L
6019490054SHS3Z-U15Z-SA R
6019490055SHS3Z-U15Z-SA L->
6019490055SHS3Z-U15Z-SA L
6019490056SHS3Z-U15Z-SR R
6019490057SHS3Z-U1Z-SA R
6019490058SHS3Z-U1Z-SA L
6019490059SHS3Z-U1Z-SR R
6019490060SHS3Z-A2Z-SA R
6019490061SHS3Z-A2Z-SA L
6019490062SHS3Z-A2Z-SR R
6019490063SHS3Z-U15Z-SR L