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Safety Evaluation Devices

The SCR safety relays are used to reliably evaluate signals, such as those generated by position switches, safety switches, safety latching devices, safety rope pull switches, safety sensors or 2-hand controllers.
Two positive opening normally-closed contacts are required as the signalling contacts for safety gate monitors. Virtually all BERNSTEIN switches feature these contacts. They can be identified by the symbol.

  • Compact standard mounting rail enclosure
  • Wide variety of applications up to performance level e as defined by EN 13849
  • Monitoring the correct position and reliable operation of safety sensors and or contacts in safety switches
  • Actuate power elements such as power contactors or frequency converters and stop machines in the case of emergency
  • Safety gate monitors with and without monitored start pushbutton
  • Expansion module as auxiliary switching circuit for safety relays
  • Two-hand controllers
  • Auxiliary controller for safety light curtains / barriers