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Rope Pull switches Type Si1, Si2

Double-spanned rope pull switches are also used in emergency stop applications. When the cable is pulled the switching lever is deflected in the corresponding direction and the system shut down.
The switches are available in two metal versions (Si1 and Si2).

  • Versions available in metal
  • Max. span length: 2 x 75 meters
  • Protection class IP 65 according to IEC/EN 60529
  • Ambient temperature -30°C to +80°C
  • Ideally suited for applications with high temperature fluctuations and long cable spans
  • With their sturdy enclosure, the Si1 and Si2 are the perfect switches for harsh environments

Two cables spanned in opposite directions are attached to the switching device. The countersprings are secured to the wall at the ends of the cables. Provided the change in temperature is the same at all points along the cable, the springs will effectively compensate for the change in cable length.

Art. No. Type IGES STEP Spec sheet
6014735001SI1-U2Z AK R-RAST
6014735025SI1-U1Z/U1Z AK R-RAST
Art. No. Type IGES STEP Spec sheet
6015735002SI2-U2Z AK R-RAST