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Limit switch Type I49

With very slim dimensions and overall IP67 protection, the I49 switches are a perfect solution for either position indication or safety applications.

  • Flat design
  • Highly flexible deployment
  • Reliability
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Compact IP67 switch for safety applications
  • Slow-action and snap-action contacts
  • Version: 1 NC / 1NO
  • Type: Zb (galvanically isolated changeover contact)
  • Protection class: IP67
  • Enclosure: prewired, double insulation, plastic, in 30 mm width
  • Connection: 1 m UL-cable
  • Monitoring of safety gates, hatches or protective hoods
  • Position monitoring of moving parts
  • Object detection in conveying technology
  • End position control of components
  • Position monitoring on rolling doors
  • Monitoring of sliding doors
Art. No. Type IGES STEP Spec sheet
6089102049I49-U1Z IW
6089102051I49-U1Z IWF
6089102059I49-U1Z IW Z
6089102063I49-U1Z IWF Z
6089117053I49-U1Z RIW
6089117055I49-U1Z RIWF
6089117061I49-U1Z RIW Z
6089117065I49-U1Z RIWF Z
6089135057I49-U1Z AH
6089135067I49-U1Z AH Z
6089152048I49-SU1Z IW
6089152050I49-SU1Z IWF
6089152058I49-SU1Z IW Z
6089152062I49-SU1Z IWF Z
6089167052I49-SU1Z RIW
6089167054I49-SU1Z RIWF
6089167060I49-SU1Z RIW Z
6089167064I49-SU1Z RIWF Z
6089185056I49-SU1Z AH
6089185066I49-SU1Z AH Z