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Limit switch Type ENK

Thanks to its design and its metal actuator, the ENK limit switch is particularly suitable for applications requiring a sturdy safety switch made of plastic.

  • Standard switch conforming to DIN EN 50041
  • Standard actuator conforming to DIN EN 50041, Type A, B, C, E
  • Protection class IP 65 to VDE 0470 T1
  • Enclosure and cover PA 6, (UL-94-V0)
  • Actuator can be repositioned by 4 x 90°
  • Cable entry M20 x 1.5
  • Connection designation conforming to DIN EN 50013
  • Metal actuators for high loads
  • Slow-action and snap-action contacts
  • Versions: 1 NC / 1NO, 2 NC, 3 NC, overlapping contacts
  • Latching function on request
  • All NC contacts with  in the circuit diagram are positively opening contacts
  • Type: Zb (galvanically isolated changeover contact)
  • Different actuators available
  • Available with M12 connector
  • AS-interface variants available
  • Preassembled with customer-specific cables and connectors on request
Art. No. Type IGES STEP Spec sheet
3918170661RIW-E-EINR.ENK NI18
3918200906HW-E-EINR.ENK KU20 V.DX
3918350737AHS-V-E-EINR.ENK KU18
6081102001ENK-U1Z IW
6081117002ENK-U1Z RIW
6081121095ENK-U1Z HW RO20
6081135003ENK-U1Z AHS-V
6081136012ENK-U1 AV
6081137011ENK-U1 AD
6081152007ENK-SU1Z IW
6081167008ENK-SU1Z RIW
6081171096ENK-SU1Z HW RO20
6081185009ENK-SU1Z AHS-V
6081186018ENK-SU1 AV
6081187017ENK-SU1 AD
6081190045ENK-SU1 FF
6081317307ENK-UV1Z RIW
6081335006ENK-UV1Z AHS-V
6081817281ENK-A2Z RIW
6081835323ENK-A2Z AHS-V