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First enable foot switch approved by DGUV

The enable foot switch provides two enable contacts and one signalling contact and is available with or without latch. If the pedal is pressed up to pressure point, the two enable contacts are closed. If the pedal is released, the enable contacts are open again. If the pedal is pressed up to the pressure point, the enable positive opening action contacts are opened. For the application of an enable device, the rules DIN EN ISO 12100 and DIN EN 60204-1 apply. Thanks to this siganlling contact, a dynamic position detection is possible. Alternatively, a static position detection can be realised by means of a PNP sensor. It is thus possible to determine the actuation position one - the OFF position of the enable contacts (the actuator is not pressed) - or the position three - the OFF position of the operating contacts (the actuator is fully pressed).
The approved enable foot switch is only available with cover.