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Analog Switching Modules for foot switches and position switches

The analog switching module has an analog output signal which is proportional to the actuating position. Depending on the application, an analog current output (0–20 mA or 4–20 mA) or an analog voltage output (0–5V or 0–10 V) are possible.
Furthermore, the switching block is equipped with a programmable PNP signal output. The signal output switches into the pre-determined switching position which can be modified and adjusted at any time.
The analog switching module has a linearly increasing analog output signal.

  • Output signal is proportional to the pedal position
  • For example, this function is important for speed regulation of different machines
  • PNP signal output signals the achievement of the rated speed
  • Output signal depends on the switching position
  • Querying of the actual switching position at any time
  • Flexible and application-specific setting of the switch point by the PNP signal output