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Non-contact safety sensor SRF

The SRF (Safety RFID) is a non-contact safety sensor, that monitors moveable safety guards, such as doors, flaps and hoods.

With its innovative diagnostic system, the SRF makes safety circuits suitable for Industry 4.0.
The system provides a multitude of diagnostic data of each sensor, even in a series connection, to support smart production. Diagnostic data is fed into the machine control system via I/O Link or alternatively displayed on a smartphone by way of NFC technology. In this way, 20 different diagnostic information of each sensor can be retrieved and made available. This diagnostic data delivers cost-effective predictive maintenance in a simple way. Through its advanced fault recognition capability, costly machine shutdowns can be prevented.
This way, your machinery and plant will work even more efficiently!

  • Cost-saving: thanks to a four-wire unshielded standard connection cable from sensor to sensor
  • Compact: small in size, flexible in use
  • Safe: up to PL e – even in series connection, with high default protection (according to ISO 14119)
  • Series connection of the sensors through internal safety electronics without compromising the safety level
  • New innovative Daisychain Diagnostics (DCD)
  • Reading diagnostics information through Android smartphone via NFC interface
  • Transmission of data via I/O Link interface
  • Simple and specific maintenance thanks to pre-failure monitoring
  • Cost reduction by eliminating machine downtimes
  • Connecting the sensor information of six different diagnostic circuits
  • Support of an energy-optimised application: Voltage levels known at any time
Electrical data
  • Rated operational voltage Ue: 24 V
  • Output current of the safety outputs Ie: 100 mA
  • Output current of the message output Ie: 10 mA
Mechanical data
  • Housing: PA66 + PA6, red, self-extinguishing
  • Connection cable: PUR
  • Mounting holes: Ø 4,5 (for M4 screws)
  • Displays: 1 × LED red/green operating status, 1 × LED yellow actuation status
  • Ambient temperature: -25 °C to +70 °C
  • Protection class: IP69
Safety data sheet
  • PL e / Kat. 4 (according to EN ISO 13849-1)
  • SIL CL 3 (according to DIN EN 62061)
  • PFHD = 6 × 10-9 1/h
  • Mission time: 20 years
  • Switching distance:
    • Rated operating distance Sn: 13 mm
    • Assured switching distance – On Sao: 10 mm
    • Assured switching distance – Off Sar: 25 mm
    • Hysteresis: 2 mm
  • Switch-off delay ta: max. 100 ms
  • Ready delay tv: max. 2 s
  • Safe sensors in Cat. 4, PL e or SIL CL 3
  • Safe serial connection of SRF up to PL e, Cat. 4 / SIL CL 3
  • Coded and unique actuator
  • Protection class IP69
  • Local reset button (optional)
  • Compact design
  • Diagnostics system DCD (optional)
  • PNP diagnostics
  • Fault tolerant output (optional)
  • Single and series connection possible
  • Connection via M12 plug
  • SRF diagnostics PC software: DOWNLOAD
  • SRF diagnostics app for Android smartphones: DOWNLOAD
  • SRF diagnostics app in the Google Play Store: Install
Art. No. Type IGES STEP Assembly instructions Spec sheet
6075687078Actuator SRF-0
Art. No. Type IGES STEP Assembly instructions Spec sheet
6075619122Diagnostic module SRF DI-C-0/1-T (DIN rail housing)
6075619123Diagnostic module SRF DI-C-8/1-T (DIN rail housing), 8 digital outputs
6075619124Diagnostic module SRF DI-C-16/1-T (DIN rail housing), 16 digital outputs
60756191256-fold diagnostic module SRF DI6-C-0/1-T (DIN rail housing)
6075689126Diagnostic module SRF DI-F-0/2-E0,25 (use directly at the machine)
Art. No. Type IGES STEP Spec sheet
6075689084Termination plug M12 AEP-M12/4
6075689085Connecting cable S1W-M12A8/BW-1PU
6075689086Connecting cable S1W-M12A8/BW-2PU
6075689087Connecting cable S1W-M12C4/AW-2PU
6075689088Connecting cable S1W-M12C4/AW-5PU
6075689089Connecting cable S1W-M12C4/AW-10PU
6075689090Connection cable SFW-M12C4/AW-0,5PU
6075689091Connection cable SFW-M12C4/AW-2PU
6075689092Connection cable SFW-M12B5/AW-2PU
6075689093Connection cable SFW-M12B5/AW-5PU
6075689127Fixing clip for T adapter AT-CLIP-M12
6075989082T adapter for series connection ATS-M12/4-M12/8
6075989083T adapter for connection of I/O link and reset button ATD-M12/8-M12/4