We are still there for you – together against corona

Information for our business partners


Dear business partners,

New information about the corona virus reaches us every day. The media as well as the government continuously appeal to all of us to act responsibly in the interest of our fellow human beings and to trust and implement the recommended measures of the experts in order to at least slow down the spread of the corona pandemic.

Health and well-being are the highest priority

BERNSTEIN AG – just like the entire industry – is currently facing uncertain and to this extent unforeseeable challenges and difficulties. Nevertheless, it is essential, especially during this period, to maintain our own operational readiness and product availability to the best possible extent. BERNSTEIN also has taken more stringent preventive measures based on a pandemic plan for all sites, in order to protect the health of our employees and business partners and to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pathogen. At the same time, we are working flat out to adapt to the daily – even hourly – changing demands and challenges of the production and supply chains, with the principal aim of ensuring the best possible and smoothest possible supply of our customers at present. Therefore, it is our main concern to inform you as our business partners about the current availability of goods and delivery situation.

Our supply chain and delivery capability
In February of this year, BERNSTEIN had to record the first delays in deliveries from Asian suppliers. A large part of these delays could be compensated for in close cooperation and regular information sharing with the suppliers. In most plants, production was resumed with reduced capacities. Based on the information currently available to us, an improvement in the Asian supply chain should be expected. However, we are very concerned about the dynamism with which COVID-19 is spreading on the European mainland. Government initiated measures such as massive border controls or closures of production plants cannot compensate for delivery delays or delivery stops announced at short notice. Therefore, we unfortunately cannot rule out the possibility that our ability to deliver, which is generally subject to our own supply reservation, may be impaired as a result. According to the WHO and all governmental authorities, the current pandemic caused by COVID-19 is an international health emergency that must be classified as an influence of force majeure. For this reason, please note that our delivery dates are not binding, but may be delayed due to the current corona crisis.

Our focus is on the availability of goods
At the present time, the development of the global market situation can only be assessed in the very short term and the extent of the measures taken, including political measures, is very difficult to predict. Therefore, we would like to ask you to consider possible delivery delays and bottlenecks of ordered goods in your planning and to calculate accordingly. Despite all our efforts and preventive measures, it can be assumed from today's perspective that in many cases the supply of our customers will not be possible without restrictions in the coming weeks and months, resulting in delays and possible bottlenecks. Nonetheless, we are doing everything we can to minimise any possible effects of a bottleneck in the supply chain on our customers and business partners. According to our possibilities we are continuously working on optimal solutions to pass this "practical test" – which it is for all of us – in the best possible way.

We are constantly monitoring the current situation and will keep you up to date on all topics concerning COVID-19 and BERNSTEIN.
Our sales team is there for you. All we can say now is: Stay healthy!


Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures – at BERNSTEIN AG too. In order to limit the further distribution of the Covid-19 and to protect your and our employees, we ask for your help:

  • Customer and supplier visits are only possible after prior consultation with your contact person from our company.
  • Deliveries are of course still possible, but your driver should not enter our company building.
  • Many of our employees are already working in home office. Although a smooth operation is guaranteed, there may be some restrictions on availability in the next days and weeks. Should you not be able to reach your usual contact person by phone, please contact us by email.
  • Service technicians should register by telephone in advance.

We assume that we will be able to continue to ensure ongoing operations and our production – as long as the situation allows. At the moment, nobody knows what will happen in the next days, weeks and months. In any case, the health of our employees is the most important thing for us and we put them BEFORE economic interests without any doubt.
Let us hope that the situation will quickly return to normal and that we will all soon be able to face each other again without worries. Please pass on this information to the colleagues in the company for whom it is relevant. And above all: stay healthy.

Wir müssen nun zusammenhalten – und das geht nur mit Abstand
We must stand together now – and this is only possible by distance