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BERNSTEIN ranks among the world’s leading providers of industrial safety technology in the fields of Switch systems, Sensor systems and Enclosure systems. Thanks to the website re-launch, visitors benefit from quick access times, better information structure and more developed content on applications.

Evolved from the previous design, the company is now presented in a fresh new way.

Clearly structured, dynamically adjusting for different browsers and visually attractive, the homepage offers user-friendly access to the diverse range of products and company documents.

The most noticeable change is the user-friendliness of the completely new designed website – it is much easier to navigate, enabling visitors to find the information they need far more quickly than on the previous site. For example, in the product menu there is now a merged preview of the important product details without visitors having to load the respective page. The detailed views have also been improved -each product is clearly presented with its main benefits and features.


Direct links to the Online Catalogue and clearly visible navigation buttons for download or printing ensure visitors can quickly find all of the information needed for the required product. Products are now grouped by applications, making the search a lot easier.

A quick overview along the bottom of the website allows rapid access to important menu areas or functions from each site. For instance, it is now possible to search for a personal local contact or to click on the Online Catalogue.

Another practical and convenient highlight is the scroll-to-top function that leads the user back to the beginning when viewing large volumes of text or using smaller display devices.

The website has been programmed using the latest technology to ensure it runs on tablet PCs including iPad without any problems. The same applies to the E-Book version of the catalogue which can be used on smartphones and tablet devices.

With the increase of mobile internet usage, BERNSTEIN has adapted to state-of-the-art communication channels. BERNSTEIN also understands the significance of social media. For example, the company with headquarters in Porta Westfalica has its own YouTube channel which is used to present product videos. To establish personal customer relations, BERNSTEIN also uses social networks. Interested people can find out about the fascinating story of the development of the family-owned company by visiting its Facebook page.

Please visit the new website, to see the changes for yourself. Comments and opinions are always welcome, BERNSTEIN would appreciate feedback from you.



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